19-Jun-24 8 pm EST | Zoom

How to Win the Mental Game of Trading

Fitting mental resilience into a trader's busy schedule shouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Join us as we share tips and tricks for mastering the psychological aspects of trading—how you can manage losses, know when to step away, and think like smart money.

Learn how to ride the waves of the market with confidence and discipline.

Webinar Agenda

What we'll cover:

In this webinar, Sage Teixeira, a 7-figure trader, will share specific tips, tricks, and strategies for mastering the mental game of trading. Discover how to manage losses, know when to step away, and think like the smart money.

What will you learn?

  • Managing losses effectively

  • Knowing when to step away

  • Thinking like smart money


Our speaker


Sage Teixeira

I manage a seven-figure trading account of my own capital and bring home 30-50% / year. I was born into a stock trading family - I’ve been actively day trading for over 13 years - trading is all I know! I’m excited to meet you on this webinar. Feel free to ask me any questions that come to mind.

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